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Thus the Slavic tribes were for the first time definitely held to The gether by the military overlordship of the Bulgars. sway of the new masters of the north-eastern Balkans ex tended south to the Haemus (Balkan) Mountains, and on the north to an undefined boundary somewhere in Wallachia On and Transylvania, where it adjoined the Avar empire. the west it was probably bounded by the Isker River. This extensive territory was ruled by the sublime khan, who was no more than a chief of the khans of various Bulgarian clans, although he was scion of the famous dynasty of Dulo, who held the office of sublime khan in a hereditary fashion.

I, a it if ; it, VIII no. 2973 (2259). THE RISE OF SLAVIC CHRISTIANITY 25 but those who did receive it did not manifest any noticeable change in their mode of life. Christianity remained for cen turies a foreign cult. The church services, conducted in Greek, were naturally incomprehensible to the people, who therefore continued secretly or openly to worship their an cient deities. This was especially true of the worship of the family god — the deified ancestral spirit. In consequence, there resulted a curious co-mingling of Christianity with paganism which has remained the religion of a part of the populace ever since.

51-58. hare not been able to verify it. I 48 BULGARIAN CHRISTIANITY AFTER even though the Slavic population received Christianity gladly, the remaining Bulgarian element, especially the, nobles, were not showing much enthusiasm for it. Would they be likely to receive it more readily at the hands of Slavic missionaries? Certainly not. Unless they were over awed by the culture and prestige of the Byzantine Empire, there was not much hope that Christianity would make speedy headway among them. Boris solved his problem as befitted the statesman he was: he retained the Greek clergy at the court, but on the other hand he founded a center of Slavic culture at the mon astery of St.

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