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By Aquino De Braganca, Immanuel Maurice Wallerstein

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Belong, just as do Portuguese mines, to Anatomy of Colonialism foreign enterprises. , England, Belgium, France, West Germany, but not to Portugal. But my peasant comrade, from a village party unit, who knew nothing of such things, when he heard me say that Portugal is not imperialist, told me; 'Cabral, everyone tells us that we fight against imperialism, that we fight against the Portuguese, but now you're telling us that they are not imperial ists; so, tell me: who is Mr. ' We see thus posed, in the language of a peasant, the main question of the fight against imperialism, that is, the distinction between imperialism and imperialist domination.

Mozambique has been appearing quite frequently in the last year or two Anatomy of Colonialism in the financial and commercial journals of the capitalist world. They have been discussing the possibilities of coal, petroleum, natural gas, asbestos, bauxite, iron, titanium, beryl, colombo-tantalite, lepidolite, crome, nickel, bismuth, gold, silver, uranium, diamonds, microlite, tourmaline and mica. Ever since the discovery in 1965 of natural gas in Pande (not far from Beira) all the Western powers have been eager to prospect for oil and natural gas in Mozambique, for the geological signs are all favourable.

Neo-colonialism is undoubtedly the main obstacle to be overcome by the African masses, if they are to fulfil their aspirations of complete independence. * The imperialist powers (Great Britain, France, Germany and the USA) share among each other the continued economic control over this country. Because of this, Portugal could not shield itself from the impact of the offensive of the financial circles of the neo-capitalist states, West Germany and France in particular, nor was it able to ignore the changes occurring in Europe and Africa.

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