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By B. Bhaskara Rao

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'I want Professor Rao and his collaborators each luck in making sure that destiny generations of scholars shouldn't have to place up with logically incoherent foundations to their realizing of recent monetary structures' - G.C. Harcourt, Jesus collage, Cambridge there's now an expanding realisation that the preferred textbook macroeconomic version of mixture call for and provide is logically wrong. whereas there's a large contract one of the opinions on those logical flaws there was no such contract on how the elemental textbook macromodel could be converted. The essays during this quantity include very promising replacement types that allows you to considerably impact the way in which macroeconomics might be taught sooner or later.

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We encourage passionate supporters of every school of thought to write textbooks from their perspectives, emphasizing whatever they believe to be important. Thoughtful teachers will embrace such fresh approaches to macroeconomics in principles textbooks. They are cognizant of many of the deficiencies in the AD AS model and would welcome new ideas. We should not overlook the fact that this change also provides an opportunity for proponents of competing viewpoints to win over a whole new generation of students.

Tobin, 1993, p 60). Hence debt deflation can lead to a reduction in real spending as the price level falls. 60). 60). In a similar vein, Greenwald and Stiglitz (1993) argue that a decline in the price level may have adverse consequences for firms. They discuss factors which influence the risks firms face, noting that "a third important factor is the price level. 29). A decline in the price level increases the real burden of a firm's debt, with the result that investment might fall. 834) mentioned this possibility.

47 derived. The remainder of this section is concerned with these aspects. To conserve space we shall not use an elaborate diagrammatic approach. 3 Instead we shall use the algebraic approach based on the two sector closed economy ISLM model and a simple labour market. 4 These simplifications, however, do not affect the main conclusions of this chapter. fn = W* Lr < 0, LyLr > <0 0, Ly > 0 (7) (8) 3 By far the clearest and the best diagrammatic exposition of this type of model, based predominantly on the neo classical assumptions, is given in Parkin (1982).

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