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By Paul Valéry

ISBN-10: 140087209X

ISBN-13: 9781400872091

Publish 12 months note: initially released in 1970.

Grouped jointly during this booklet are numerous smaller volumes and plaquettes during which Valery had released choices of his shorter prose writings: aphorisms, ethical reflections, poetic observations, flashes of wit or fancy, even jokes--a number of comments and impressions, a lot of them first recorded in his Notebooks.

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The world goes on; and so do life and the mind—because of the resistance set up by things that are hard to understand. ANALECTS Were all that puzzles us elucidated, everything would promptly vanish and, riddled by light, the universe would become as impossible as an unmasked fraud or a conjuror's trick whose secret we have learned. * Thought cannot foresee itself, though it can foresee its flash­ backs—and developments. " IX Open up your neighbor's heart (which is yours also), but do not linger over the foulnesses treasured in every human breast.

Danger draws it like a flame and if the flesh were not so powerful would lead it to burn its wings, urged on by a fierce and fatuous lust for knowledge. * Thought escapes from itself in laughter, in sobs and swoons, in action, in tightenings of the throat, in fisticuffs, in stop­ page of the heart. It also takes flight from itself in the spoken phrase, but here there is a transformation enabling thought to recollect itself and turn back to the source. " • Unless it's new and strange, every visualization of the world of things is false.

The untrue and the wonderful are more human than the "real" man. * Triangulation. There are works, famous or otherwise, which for the pur­ pose of triangulating the mental world are preferable to others; they provide us with guidemarks. For a long time I have owned a fifty-page pamphlet, dealing with a technical subject, in which what are called exactness, profundity, originality of approach, are con­ stantly and admirably present. With this little work I compare a book I've just been reading; or, to be more precise, I try to compare the intel­ lectual power and, above all, discipline implied in that pamphlet with what the book I have just been reading implies about the mind of its author.

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