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By John Dewey

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Based on John Dewey's lectures on esthetics, introduced because the first William James Lecturer at Harvard in 1932, Art as Experience has grown to be thought of the world over because the such a lot individual paintings ever written through an American at the formal constitution and attribute results of all of the arts: structure, sculpture, portray, track, and literature.

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It must fall back upon imagination—upon the embodiment of ideas in emotionally charged sense. " Much of the dispute is carried on in ignorance of the particular tradition in which Keats wrote and which gave the term "truth" its meaning. In this tradition, "truth" never signifies correctness of intellectual statements about things, or truth as its meaning is now influenced by science. " And in Keats' mind it was particu larly connected with the question of justifying good and trusting to it in spite of the evil and destruction that abound.

For life is no uniform uninterrupted march or flow. It is a thing of histories, each with its own plot, its own inception and movement toward its close, each having its own 35 36 ART AS EXPERIENCE particular rhythmic movement; each with its own unrepeated quality pervading it throughout. A flight of stairs, mechanical as it is, proceeds by individualized steps, not by undifferentiated progression, and an inclined plane is at least marked off from other things by abrupt discreteness. " It may have been something of tremendous importance—a quarrel with one who was once an intimate, a catastrophe finally averted by a hair's breadth.

We put our hands to the plow and turn back; we start and then we stop, not because the experience has reached the end for the sake of which it was initiated but because of extraneous inter ruptions or of inner lethargy. In contrast with such experience, we have an experience when the material experienced runs its course to fulfillment. Then and then only is it integrated within and demarcated in the gen eral stream of experience from other experiences. A piece of work is finished in a way that is satisfactory; a problem receives its solution; a game is played through; a situation, whether that of eating a meal, playing a game of chess, carrying on a conversa tion, writing a book, or taking part in a political campaign, is so rounded out that its close is a consummation and not a cessation.

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