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They, too, save the conclusions or most crucial points until the end, having teased the students along the way with key questions and preliminary findings or interpretations. Such instructors seem genuinely moved by the story they are presenting, the excitement of scientific discovery or historical events or the pathos and beauty of literature or art. These teachers have a well-developed empathic sense, the ability to imagine accurately the thoughts and experiences students are having as they listen to the story.

You must fill your lungs with more air than you need because lungs are much less efficient balloons when they are only partly inflated. To fill your lungs fully, inhale from your abdomen rather than your chest. Your "stomach", not your chest, should rise when you take a deep breath. (This is far easier to do if your posture is good-spine straight, shoulders back). Singers and wind players learn "belly breathing" early in their careers. 82 Voice projection is aided by opening the mouth wide enough to allow the sound to escape easily.

Distrust of demagoguery does not require that the college teacher avoid developing the skill of speaking powerfully and persuasively to students. Sound arguments are the prime ingredient of a fine lecture, but 75 the skill with which they are delivered should be equal to the skill with which they were prepared if they are to have maximum impact on students. Using Emotion in Lecturing Capturing an audience's attention is the first thing required of any performer, college teachers includes. Almost all students will pay attention to an instructor for a few minutes, but most students will not continue to listen actively to a mediocre lecturer, any more than they would be responsive to a mediocre theatrical performance beyond the opening scenes.

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