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By Mary B. Moore

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This quantity offers the inventoried red-figure and white-ground pottery present in the Agora Excavations among 1931 and 1967. even supposing lots of those vases have already been released in a number of stories and distinctive stories, this is often the 1st time that each one have seemed jointly, and this research offers an entire accounting of them. simply because just about all the shapes identified in Attic purple determine were present in the Agora, those items offer a special chance for examine. the 2 introductory sections function an invaluable assessment for the whole country of information of Attic red-figure portray. the 1st offers a short description of every vase form and its improvement, after which exhibits how the Agora items healthy into this series; the second one follows this related layout for teams of painters. within the catalogue, measurements and outlines are given for 1,684 items, with correct comparanda and updated references. Inscriptions, graffiti, and dipinti are incorporated, in addition to reconstruction drawings of a few of the extra very important or strange scenes. the amount concludes with deposit summaries, concordance, and 6 indexes.

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282) detail,Ginouves,Balaneutitk, that the problem is all but unsolvable. A. Briuckner(AM 32, 1907 [pp. 79-122], pp. 98-99) suggestedthatthe vesselcontained a warm meal for the newlyweds,an idea based on the Eretria Painter'spyxis in the BritishMuseum, E 774 (ARV21250, 32; p. 469, 32; Addenda cat. no. 253, pls. 163:aand 164),wheretwo lebetesgamikoistand beforethe door of a house (pl. H. Kenner(JOAI29, 1935 [pp. 109-154], p. 152)remarkson the specificbridalconnection but does not discuss use. Harl-Schaller(note 1 above) argues against its use for the bridal bath or for the heating of water because, with its short neck and high pedestal, the lebes is not suitablefor the transportof waterand becausethe presenceof the lid would suggestthat it containedsomethingthat needed to be protected.

106, cat. no. 48 (note8 above);Rhodes6640 (note8 above);HeidelbergK 37 (ARV21322, 15;Burn,p. 106,cat. no. MM 24);Athens,Poulopoulos (ARV21322, 15 bis, Burn, p. 106, cat. no. M. 1681(ARV21322,16;Burn,p. 106,cat. no. M. 2845 (ARV21322,17;Burn,p. 106, cat. no. 1166 VT (note4 above). 14 See ARV21322, 16 and 1332. 15 See the list compiledby F. Harl-Schaller,JOAI Beiblatt50 (note 1 above),col. 165, note 52. To these add severalfrom the Rheneiadeposit(it is unclearto me why Harl-Schallersaysthese "mtlssenhier ausgenommenwerden"):one by Syriskos,Mykonos 970 (note4 above);the namepieceof the MykonosPainter(note 12 above);two in Mykonosby the Naples Painter(note 13 above); one akinto the WashingPainter(note 7 above);two unattributed (DelosXXI, pls.

339 by the HarrowPainter,side A only; on side B, ivy (ARV2 274, 39; Addenda 207). Forup-and-downblackpalmettes,see two by the ClevelandPainter:side A of the namepiece(ARV2516, 1; Addenda 253). 253) and Rhodes 13301 (ARV2516, 2;Addenda 13 For ivy on the rim overhangwith the picturesunframed,see a column-krateronce in the LucerneMarketby the Chairippos Painter(ARV2236, 7). This column-krateralso has a frieze of blacksilhouettefigureson the neck of side A, and the figureson the body of this side are framed;the neck of side B is black,and the figureson the body are unframed.

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