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By A.P. Fuchs

ISBN-10: 1897217579

ISBN-13: 9781897217573

One evening Gabriel Garrison was once visited through a anonymous messenger who bestowed upon him nice energy, an influence meant for strong. as soon as researching what this energy was once and what it enabled him to do, Gabriel turned Axiom-man, a logo of desire in a urban that had none. One evening after a regimen patrol, a mysterious black cloud looks over the town. Flying over to enquire it, Axiom-man is stopped brief whilst the cloud's presence shakes him to the center. An electrifying worry emanates from the cloud and he can slightly get close to it. fast, the cloud takes flight and leads him on a wild goose chase through the urban, basically to escape from him after all. shortly after the cloud's visual appeal, a brand new hero arises, Redsaw, clad in a black cape and cover. the folks, now enamored with this new super-powered surprise, appear to have forgotten approximately Axiom-man and all he is performed for them. other than something's flawed. that very same worry that emanated from the cloud drips off Redsaw like a bad scent and Axiom-man can slightly get just about him with out feeling unwell. what's Redsaw's time table and who's he? And why is it at any time when Axiom-man will get with reference to him it feels as though his powers are being sucked away? as though that wasn't sufficient, Gabriel's day activity hasn't gotten any more straightforward. His co-worker and the girl he adores, Valerie Vaughan, has no real interest in him, and his boss has made it transparent that another day past due to paintings would be the day he cleans out his table. Then there is the hot trainee, Gene Nemek. what's his fascination with Redsaw and why is he by no means round while Redsaw appears to be like? From flying over urban streets and hovering at dizzying heights, to balancing a mystery identification with future, Axiom-man needs to detect what Redsaw's presence ability and the way it ties into the messenger's life-altering stopover at prior to the city-and the world-are enamored with an evil that has haunted the cosmos because the sunrise of Time.

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From his vantage point, he could see over the houses to several blocks down the street where, finally, the news crews began to leave Redsaw alone. Axiom-man stood after remaining crouched down for nearly all thirty minutes and enjoyed the soothing rush of blood as it refilled his muscles. Even with his abilities, little things like getting stiff weren’t beyond him. He paced the roof, never letting Redsaw—a small red and black dot far away—out of his sight and cursed himself for not returning to work.

Even in high school he played it shy, and not intentionally. Often he’d daydream of walking up to Sandy Anderson, asking her out, her giving him an enthusiastic yes followed by a hug. But it never happened. He had even made a deal with himself that before he graduated he’d ask her out on a date at least once. That never happened either. If he were ever presented with the opportunity to do some things in his life over, that would be one of the big ones. He could only imagine how his life might have turned out if he had asked her out, if she had said yes and, depending on how things went, if they would still be together today.

And when he still kept trying to start conversations with her, regardless of how many signals she gave that she wasn’t interested, he kept bothering her. Valerie couldn’t understand why she couldn’t make it clear to him that she wasn’t interested beyond a cordial relationship at work. She was afraid of something, she knew, but 30 AXIOM-MAN not of him or how he might interpret it. Deep down, she realized as she logged in for the day, she knew that by slowly becoming friends with him, she’d be exposing herself to someone who was different than everyone she knew.

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