B-17 Nose Art Name Directory by Wallace Forman PDF

By Wallace Forman

ISBN-10: 1883809142

ISBN-13: 9781883809140

This listing is the made of years of statistical learn by means of writer Wallace Forman. It lists over 8,200 Boeing B-17s from the area battle II period on which a few kind of identify id was once received, displaying identify and the place on hand, crew, squadron, and serial quantity. The pictures during this booklet are black and white.

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Name Tailwind Taint A Bird Taint a Bird Taint a Bird II Take It Easy Take It Easy Take It Easy Take it Easy Take Off Time Take-Me-Home Taletha Ann Talisman Tally Ho, There Goes the Son Tallywhacker Tampa Tornado Tampa Tornado Tampa Tornado (YB-40) Tangerine Tangerine Tangerine Tangerine II Tangerine II Tangmere Tantalizing Take Off Tar Heel Peggy Tarbaby Tarfly Tarfu Tarfu Tarfu Tarfu Tarfu II Tarfu Jr. Target for Tonight Target For Tonight Target for Tonight Target for Tonight Target For Tonite Tarheel Lemon (The) Tarnished Angel Tarry Along Task Force Taurus Taxpayers Pride TDY Widow Tech Supply Tech Supply Ted Tempest Turner Tempest Turner Temptation Temptation Temptation II Temptress Ten Above (Tenabuv) Ten Aces Ten Batty Boys Ten High Ten Horsepower no no no no no no no no yes no no no no no no yes no 390 390 570 42-31728 no 95 335 44-8210 yes no 94 305 452 452 94 401 94 385 385 94 306 728 731 331 550 550 423 19 no no no 42-31348 no 42-102513 no no no no 42-3502 no 42-3502 42-39966 no no 43-38153 no yes yes 40-3097 42-31844 463 463 351 306 381 384 381 2 401 379 2 772 775 508 614 526 49 42-3211 42-29870 42-29941 42-29595 43-38077 42-31663 42-38087 2 99 301 483 95 91 20 416 353 840 42-97159 41-24351 41-24351 41-24351 323 44-8145 306 368 42-97368 535 545 42-3090 Grp.

17F WHIZZER and her voluptuous lady served two tours of combat with the 99th and 301 st omb Groups of the Eighth AF. 64 ... ~ itl ;/ -- Jil '~I Grp. 2 Old Outhouse Never A Dry Run Old Patch Old Puss Old Puss II Old Puss III Old Reliable Old Sac Old Sahib Old Sahib Old Sarge (The) Old Satchel Old Shakey Old Shep Old Shep Old Shillelagh Old Shillelagh Old Shillelagh (The) Old Shillelagh II (The) Old Silver Old Soldier Old Soldier Old Spam Can (The) Old Squaw (The) Sq. 99 346 379 96 525 337 96 303 306 337 360 305 94 303 91 381 381 91 91 91 92 96 97 303 381 388 401 APH 351 97 99 11 447 43 99 486 486 366 331 358 532 533 323 401 401 327 338 414 359 560 615 510 414 431 65 835 835 Serial Old Stand By (Tho) Old Standby (The) Old Stuff Old Thundermug Old Times Old Tobe Old Vibration Old War Horse Old Warhoss Old Yard Dog (The) Old Zero-Six-Zero aide White Swan (Ye) Ole "66" Ole Bassar Ole Bassar Ole Bassar Ole Bassar Ole Blood and Guts Ole Blood and Guts Ole Blood-n-Guts Ole Casey Jones Ole Dad Ole Doodle Bug!

Name no no 42-5795 no 42-29656 yes no no 42-39789 yes 42-3061 yes 42-3061 no 42-3061 no 42-3061 no 42-3061 no 44-6568 yes 42-31620 no 42-102953 no no 42-31714 no no 42-39912 yes no 43-39096 no 42-31386 yes 42-102551 yes 42-30424 yes no no no 42-97204 no 42-31770 no no no no yes 42-30032 yes no 43-39064 no no no yes 42-3378 no 42-5942 no 41-24562 no 42-5218 no no no 44-6432 41-24527 yes no 42-29574 no 42-29639 no no 42-31023 no 42-30859 no 43-37521 yes 43-37521 yes no no yes 43-37685 no 43-37685 yes no no 42-3152 no Sleepy Lagoon Sleepy Time Gal Sleepy Time Gal Sleepy Time Gal Sleepy Time Gal Sleepy Time Gal Sleepy Time Gal Sleepy Time Gal Sleepy Time Gal Sleepy Time Gal Sleepy Time Girl Sleepy-Time Gal Sleepysleepy Cheezy Sleepytime Gal Sleepytime Gal Sleepytime Girl Sleepytime Girl Slew Foot Sue Slic Chick Slick Chick Slick Chick Slick Chick Slick Chick Slick Chick Slide Kelly Slienthe Je Vahr Slightly Dangerous Slightly Dangerous Slightly Dangerous Slightly Dangerous Slightly Dangerous Slightly Dangerous Slightly Dangerous Slightly Dangerous II Slim and Bones Slipp Slipper Slipstream Sio Time Sally Slo- Jo Slow Ball Slow But Sure Slow But Sure Sly Ball Sly Fox Sly Fox Sly Fox II Smarty Smashing Thru Smashing Time Smashing Time Smashing-Time!

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