Jon Evans's Beasts of New York PDF

By Jon Evans

A violent, epic, action-packed city quest filled with very eccentric, usually hilarious, super risky characters who additionally take place to be animals -- the natural world of latest York urban, to be exact.

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The marvellous sights he had viewed from high above had been so wonderful, Patch had committed them to his memory book. He knew exactly how this island looked from above. He knew that the island's green heart lay east of these poisoned hills. And while the golden grass around him concealed almost everything, it could not hide the direction of the setting sun. Patch ran away from that sun, ran for the east, trying not to breathe deeply. Soon he grew weak and had to slow to mere scampering. Patch knew he was near collapse - quite aside from the foul air, it had been a truly exhausting day already - but he did not allow himself to stop.

Huge arching spans of metal connected the islands beneath him to one another, crossing enormous sea-chasms like branches lying across streams. And Patch had never smelled air as pure and sweet as that of the high sky. Karmerruk carried Patch south. They passed a green statue of a human that protruded from the midst of the waters, immensely larger than any statue he had ever seen before. They passed several human things drifting on the water, metal half-shells like the ones humans sometimes played with on the Center Kingdom's seas, but incomparably larger.

There seemed to be as much water as land in the world. And the Center Kingdom was not the only plot of green that Patch could see. Indeed it was not even the largest. There were innumerable other curiosities. A shining metal thing flew through the air in a distance; it looked like a bird, but its wings did not flap, and it was enormously larger than any bird. Huge arching spans of metal connected the islands beneath him to one another, crossing enormous sea-chasms like branches lying across streams.

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Beasts of New York by Jon Evans

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