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Through the essays during this quantity, we see how the failure of the nation turns into a second to ruminate at the artificiality of this most up-to-date build, the failure of nationalism, a chance to dream of other modes of organization, and the failure of sovereignty to contemplate the threats and chances of the world of foreignness in the geographical region as in the self.

The ambition of this quantity isn't just to complicate status representations of Pakistan. it really is take Pakistan out of the prestige of exceptionalism that its a number of crises have endowed upon it. by way of now, many students have written of ways exile, migrancy, refugeedom, and different modes of displacement represent smooth subjectivities. The arguments made within the ebook say that Pakistan is not any stranger to this situation of human immigrancy and accordingly, will be pressed into provider in assisting us to appreciate our current condition.

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While Bard speaks of the everydayness of a religious tradition, Tahir Andrabi et al. in ‘Madrasa Metrics: The Statistics and Rhetoric of Religious Enrolment in Pakistan’ focus on the education choices of Pakistani parents in rural settings to discount the inordinate Introduction „ 23 attraction to religious education and the deep desire to become a (terrorist) such education is said to produce. In so doing they work to introduce the dimension of the everyday into poor Pakistani Muslim lives, which is slowly being rendered into stereotype with the rise of security studies and its alarmist pictures of the world of Muslims as docile subjects, vulnerable to external influence.

In Magic of the State (1996) Michael Taussig gave a different understanding in which the state substantiates itself through its entanglement with local practices of magic, sorcery and secrecy. 11 Legibility and illegibility are mutually constitutive and are present together in the everyday life of the state. The varied experiences of the state in Pakistan provide a specific take on the issue of the legibility and illegibility of states. While the state is pervasive in everyday life, actualised and naturalised through material artifacts such as decrees and documents, the state is also experienced as artificial, in so far as it does not fit individual circumstances.

20 „ Naveeda Khan The theme of foreignness as mediated by colonialism gets a different twist in Sadia Abbas’s essay, ‘Itineraries of Conversion: Judaic Paths to a Muslim Pakistan’. She writes of how Imran Khan, the reputed Pakistani ex-cricketer, ex-playboy and budding politician, chooses a route of return to Islam sharply distinguished from the Islam inherited by Pakistan from its colonial and pre-colonial predecessor states, the Islam of which Wahid Bakhsh once complained as being dispersed into numerous and conflicting sectarian visions (see Rozehnal).

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