Brainwashing: a synthesis of the Russian textbook on - download pdf or read online

By Dorothy Baker

ISBN-10: 0933900163

ISBN-13: 9780933900165

Baker e.D. (ed.) Brainwashing (Foundation of Human knowing, 1991)(ISBN 0933900163)

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Part of an effective defense should include the society’s entire lack of any real psychotherapy. Any real therapy must be systematically stamped out, since a real psychotherapy might possibly uncover the results of psychopolitical activities. Jurisprudence, in a capitalistic nation, is so clumsy that cases are invariably tried in their newspapers. We have handled these things much better in Russia, and have uniformly brought people to trial with full confessions already arrived at (having been implanted) before the trail takes place.

All factual literature on the subject of insanity and its treatment should be suppressed, first by actual security, and second by complex verbiage that renders in incomprehensible. The actual figures on recovery or death should never be announced in any papers. Any investigation attempting to discover whether or not psychiatry or psychology has ever cured anyone should immediately be discouraged and laughed to scorn, and should mobilize at that point all psychopolitical operatives. At first, it should be ignored, but if this is not possible, the entire weight of all psychopoliticians in the nation should be pressed into service.

By various means, a public must at least be convinced that insanity can only be met by shock, torture, deprivation, defamation, discreditation, violence, maiming, death, punishment in all its forms. The society, at the same time, must be educated into the belief that insanity is increasing within its ranks. This creates an emergency and places the psychopolitician in a savior role that will eventually put him in charge of the society. 56 Chapter 13 The Recruiting of Psycopolitical Dupes T he psychopolitical dupe is a well-trained individual who serves in complete obedience to the psychopolitical operative.

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