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But ideology was only ancillary to the opposition between Britain and Russia arising out of points of friction in so many parts of the globe. Wherever Russian expansion reached, or wherever Russian influence in a neighbouring country appeared to be growing, the British would be found opposing it; at the Straits; in Persia; on the north-west frontier ofIndia, and in China. Once again there seemed to be an element of artificiality about Britain's position. The Russians must have regarded their presence on the Pamirs as natural enough with all the land behind them securely controlled and in the process of colonization by Russian settlers; 1 The parliamentary investigation into the Jameson raid was in progress at the time of the Jubilee celebrations (having held its first public session on 16 February), and the select committee's report was actually published on 13 July.

It was a denial of the salutary principle that Britain should have no permanent commitments'! It is true that in the I880s there had been a brief revival of the pre:Mutiny view that 'the purpose of the British in India was to prepare India for their departure' and that this would be done by a very gradual transfer of authority to the 'growing class of educated Indians'. 2 But after the return of the conservatives to power in 1888 a period of caution ensued. Neither Lansdowne, viceroy from 1888 to 1893, nor his successor Elgin made much of a personal mark on India and policy was largely determined by the government at home.

Sandars, 27 January 1910. M. Add. 49795. DIAMOND JUBILEE Costs alld Complications ill Ruling India India, like Ireland, divided British opinion, but in a different way. Whereas Britain had once felt her position in India was destined to be transitory, few could now see howitwouldend and most people in Britain were reconciled to its indefinite continuation. Some might rejoice in this fact, others regret it, arguing that so long as Britain was committed to the defence of a long land frontier in India, it would involve the country in permanent hostility towards India's neighbours, notably Russia, and that this would limit Britain's freedom of action elsewhere in the world.

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