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By Sanford V. Sternlicht

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The first part presents the Saga as "history" by arranging and summarizing the novels and stories in chronological order, from Mr. Midshipman Hornblower to The Last Encounter. " Part two of the chapter discusses the development of Horatio Hornblower and the Saga in the order of writing, from The Happy Return (1937) through the unfinished Hornblower and the Crisis (1967). Part three deals with the literary scope and accomplishment of the Saga. Chapter 5 treats the non-Hornblower novels Forester wrote during World War II.

20 With the passing of his seventeenth birthday, Forester went to enlist. Although he only weighed about 135 pounds and wore glasses, the would-be recruit was sure of acceptance. After all, he was six feet tall, an experienced boxer, and a cricket player used to enduring long periods of strenuous activity in the sun.  .  . But the doctor who applied the stethoscope to my heart (that was a surprise to me; I had not expected such refinement) was not satisfied. He called his colleague over, who listened as well.

44 Financial success and worldwide popularity would come, but great honors would escape him. In the year of the acceptance of Payment Deferred, Forester married Kathleen Belcher, a beautiful twenty-four-year-old sports instructor whom he had known for many years. They would have two sons, John and George. The young couple bought a fifteen-foot motor dinghy that they named Annie Marble after a character in Payment Deferred. They had it shipped to the Continent and began a year of boating through the coastal and inland waterways of France and Germany.

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