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By Kaoru Ohno

In overdue 1944, 3 eastern army offer ships close to the tiny South Pacific island of Anatahan got here below American air assault. The ships have been sunk and their crews left stranded at the island. The survivors. ignorant that the struggle used to be lengthy over, have been forgotten until eventually 1950, whilst the americans all started making critical rescue makes an attempt. within the Fifties, the tale of the Anatahan holdouts grew to become the root for a number of movies, books, and lurid yellow journalism. Why? as the Anatahan tale includes an fascinating twist within the kind of a lone woman---Kazuko Higa---among the handfuls of army survivors. Inspiring rivalries, fights, or even homicide, it was once her presence that made the holdouts reluctant to move domestic.

Cage at the Sea is a singular in response to painstaking examine through writer Kaoru Ohno, a journalist and nonfiction writer. It is going well past stereotypes to discover the psychology of either victors and the vanquished.

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