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By Geng Jun

This twin language Chinese/English version is fantastically designed. This sequence has an introductory calligraphic creation via Yang Zhao Ting, the previous president of the nationwide chinese language WuShu organization. the author of the sequence, Geng Jun, studied less than SuXi, SuFa and Li ZhuanYuan. There are basic notes and demonstrations of the Shaolin stances for the complete sequence. Theres additionally a pleasant brief colour part on scholars and Geng Juns actions. The side-by-side chinese language and English make this a truly necessary textual content with transparent directions. THIS publication exhibits the whole Cannon Fist (anciently referred to as Cannon Pounding: Pao Chui) type of Shaolin. This robust shape is taken into account one of many «king of Boxing» exercises and is a cornerstone of a few Shaolin education. shape simply.

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