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But, it's too late. I know that. I can feel it inside. I can feel the transformation coming, the passage. And I'm ready. But I would like to talk to you, Dennis. One last time. I have a message... " Dennis rushed forward, still holding the right side of his face. " "Not good," Torres replied, "but she's alive. " He led Dennis past the barricade back toward the car, where attendants were lifting Joslyn's broken body onto a stretcher. "Medics say she has broken bones, a severely lacerated and infected leg.

Who knows? Multiple lacerations, severe abrasions, internal bleeding-did this mean anything? They were just words, they had nothing to do with my body, with the life essence I could feel seeping away from me. This much I know: My clavicle is broken in two places. At least two of my ribs, also. My shoulder is dislocated and something traumatic has happened to my left leg. I not only can't move it-I can't feel it any longer. That leg is gone; no science known to man could bring it back to me. I feel an aching in my gut that the scientist within recognizes as kidney failure, the sure product of dehydration.

I asked him repeatedly. Every day from the moment she disappeared. " "He had lots of reasons. But he didn't do it because he didn't want to. He's just occupying oxygen, waiting to put his twenty on. " "So you blame your wife's death-" "She didn't just die, Senator. She suffered. She was seriously wounded, trapped in a car for seven days, slowly dying. In excruciating pain. Can you imagine what that felt like, to experience that kind of agony, and dehydration, and starvation? For seven days? Eventually, I got someone else to authorize an investigation.

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