New PDF release: Cap'n Fatso

By Daniel V. Gallery

ISBN-10: 0393085791

ISBN-13: 9780393085792

ISBN-10: 0446753017

ISBN-13: 9780446753012

"Walter Mitty in a sailor suit." - Admiral Arleigh Burke

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A lot of 'em will get there," observed Ginsberg. " "I wonder if our airplanes did help them," said Jughaid. "They must of," declared Scuttlebutt. " snorted Ginsberg. "You just wait another day or so. " Next morning at two bells they went through the business of putting another buoy in the water and tuning it on the Nautilus again. This time, the Nautilus claimed to be two miles west of the group. This stirred up a lot of chatter on the Russian frequencies, and the destroyer, which had been rooting around to the east all night, barged through the fleet heading west.

Came a hail from the pilothouse—followed by the regular ritual of queries and responses. Fatso and Scuttlebutt swung their glasses around to the bearing indicated and picked up the upper works of a big Russian cruiser heading so as to pass about a mile abeam. At her main truck, a two-star admiral's flag was flying . " said Fatso. "I was hoping we would meet some big-shot Russian like this .... " "Vosnik, Cap'n," came back the answer. "Okay," said Fatso. "Give this guy a call with your light. " asked Scuttlebutt eagerly —knowing from the gleam in Fatso's eye that something was cooking.

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