Download e-book for iPad: Classification of Higher Dimensional Algebraic Varieties by Christopher D. Hacon, Sándor Kovács

By Christopher D. Hacon, Sándor Kovács

ISBN-10: 3034602898

ISBN-13: 9783034602891

This publication specializes in contemporary advances within the category of complicated projective forms. it truly is divided into components. the 1st half supplies a close account of contemporary leads to the minimum version application. particularly, it includes a whole facts of the theorems at the lifestyles of flips, at the lifestyles of minimum versions for different types of log normal kind and of the finite iteration of the canonical ring. the second one half is an creation to the idea of moduli areas. It comprises subject matters comparable to representing and moduli functors, Hilbert schemes, the boundedness, neighborhood closedness and separatedness of moduli areas and the boundedness for sorts of normal type.

The e-book is aimed toward complicated graduate scholars and researchers in algebraic geometry.

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For our moduli problem this means that we have to allow cone singularities over curves of degree d Ä 3. The singularity we obtain for d D 2 is a rational double point, but the singularity for d D 3 is new and it is not even rational. 5. Let X P n be a smooth variety and C X PnC1 be the projectivized cone. For any divisor D on X , consider the divisor corresponding to C D CX . j / for some k 2 Z>0 and j 2 Z. C Log canonical singularities Let us investigate the previous situation under more general assumptions.

3) give an example where A R B but bAc is not R-linearly equivalent to bBc. 4. D/ D ˚ m is finitely generated. C Reflexive sheaves Let X be a scheme and F an O X -module. F ˝m / : Observe that since taking the dual is a (contravariant) functor, there is always a natural map, F ˝m ! F Œm : This map is injective if and only if F ˝m is torsion free. F is called a reflexive O X module or simply reflexive if F D F Œ1 D F . As we declared earlier, a line bundle on X is an invertible O X -module. , there exists an m 2 Z >0 such that L Œm is a line bundle.

For applications of the Deligne-Du Bois complex and Du Bois singularities other than the ones listed here see [Ste83], [Kol95, Chapter 12], [Kov99, Kov00c]. The word “hyperresolution” will refer to either a simplicial, polyhedral, or cubic q resolution. Formally, the construction of X is the same regardless of the type of resolution used and no specific aspects of either types will be used. The following definition is included to make sense of the statements of some of the forthcoming theorems. It can be safely ignored if the reader is not interested in the detailed properties of the Deligne-Du Bois complex and is willing to accept that it is a very close analog of the de Rham complex of smooth varieties.

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