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By W.E.B. Griffin

ISBN-10: 0515112690

ISBN-13: 9780515112696

An epic novel of worldwide battle II--and the courageous women and men who lived via it.

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I listened to it. I don't think it would make it off the runway. " "They promised me I would travel to exotic places and implied I would get laid a lot," Dunn said. " "I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt," Dawkins answered. " His mouth curled into a small smile. " "I was young then, Skipper. I didn't know the difference between 'exotic' and 'erotic' " Dawkins touched his arm. " "Probably," Dawkins said. This, Dawkins thought, is where I'm supposed to say something reassuring. Or better, inspiring.

He glanced over at Pickering to see if he could detect any signs on his face of a bruised ego. There were none. Is that because he accepts the unquestioned right of pilots-in-command to fly the airplane, and that copilots can drive only at the pleasure of the pilot? Or because he is a fighter pilot, and doesn't give a damn who flies an aerial truck, all aerial truck drivers being inferior to all fighter pilots? Galloway made a last-second minor correction to line up with the center of the runway, then flared perfectly and touched down smoothly.

45 Colt automatic in a shoulder holster. Dunn, who was (Acting) Commanding Officer of USMC Fighter Squadron VMF-229, looked around to check whether all of his subordinates had made it out of the revetments to the taxi strip, or to the runway. There was a Wildcat on the runway, sitting almost parallel with him (First Lieutenant Ted Knowles, who had arrived from Espiritu Santo four days before). Five more Wildcats were on the taxiway. Seven in all, representing one hundred percent of the available aircraft of VMF-229, were prepared to soar off into the wild blue.

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