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This invaluable instruction manual is jam-packed with combusion potency tables in keeping with the ASME/ANSI strength try out Code 4.1. each one desk truly illustrates how diverse variables effect combustion and follows an easy-to-use structure. numerous expenses might be calculated utilizing this e-book, equivalent to functionality deficiency expenses, and there are dozens of useful tools together with the warmth loss potency approach, the imput-output approach, carbon monoxide and combustibles size equipment. There also are systems for correctly analyzing and adjusting the boiler, and a basic survey of warmth restoration gear

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Furnace Excessive deposits or fouling of gas-side boiler tubes. Proper operation of sootblowers. Casing and duct leaks. Clean and operable furnace inspection ports. 4. 5, troubleshooting guide for small oil burners. ) 49 Boiler Tune Up Problem Probable Cause Corrective A c t i o n High excess oxygen Lower excess oxygen d o w n to a level slightly above smoke limit. High sulfur fuel Have fuel sample analyzed. Rapid increase in load Check cross limiting controls. H e a w White Plume • • Consistent Transient Make load changes more gradual.

Flue gas heat loss increases with both increasing excess air and temperatures. As both the carbon dioxide and oxygen level in flue gases are directly related to the amount of excess air supplied, either a C 0 or an 0 flue gas analyzer can be used to measure this loss. However, in recent years, C 0 analysis has fallen out of favor. 2 2 Orsat testing 2 One of the earliest methods of measurement is still in use today. The orsat test is a manually-performed test in which a flue gas sample is passed successively through a series of chemical reagents.

6. Measurement points for circular ducts and stacks. 7. Measurement points for square ducts. 26 Combustion Analysis Analyzing Flue Gas energy it was not uncommon to run a burner with a large amount of excess air in order to avoid smoking. Today this is becoming known for the highly wasteful practice it really is. In analyzing flue gases to determine excess air, it is useful to be ale to check on the accuracy of the analysis. 7 has been designed for this purpose. By drawing a straight line as shown between the % oxygen and the % carbon dioxide values, there is an intersection with the hydrogencarbon ratio line.

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