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E) Check that the O&M manual includes the following and is included in the site health and safety file: — written description of plant operation — control strategy/logic diagrams recording the final version of configuration software installed at handover — details of system application software configuration — points list including hard and soft points (all points should have a unique mnemonic) — description of user adjustable points — commissioning record details — detailed data sheets for all control components and equipment — wiring circuit details including origin, route and destination of each cable — comprehensive instructions for switching on, operation, switching off, isolation, fault finding and procedures for dealing with emergency conditions — instructions for any precautionary measures necessary — instructions for the routine operation of the control system including simple day- 27 to-day guidance for those operating the control system with limited technical skill — instructions for servicing and system upkeep — provision for update and modification.

2 Interlocks (a) Check any specified interlocking with other dampers and fans. (b) Check that the damper assumes the specified position on plant shutdown. (c) On receipt of a fire signal check that the dampers assume the specified position. 1 Panel controls Check the following: (a) Power: — phases healthy Under dynamic conditions: — panel live — drive the valve across the whole span — control system power on. — check the maximum and minimum positions — check the rate of valve movement and whether it meets that specified.

E) (d) Check that the fans operate as specified under fire alarm conditions. Check that the variable speed drive retains its correct settings on loss of power. 4 Alarms (a) Set the fan air flow failure device (differential pressure switch, current transformer, paddle switch etc) to the desired value. (b) Check the operation of the air flow failure device by simulating a no flow condition. The alarm should be initiated and the fans shut down. (c) Check the operation of the air flow failure device when damper failure is simulated.

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