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Extremely fast bar wrappers with speeds in excess of 300 bars per minute place each wrapped bar in between spring clips mounted around the circumference of a wheel about I m in diameter. The wheel moves one stage each time a wrapped bar is placed into a spring clip and rotates relatively slowly, giving about a 30 s drying time. It is sometimes difficult to transfer the bars consistently from the wheel to the next stage. 8 Mechanical latches and trips and machine inhibition Before electronic devices or even micro-switches were available, mechanical devices were used to inhibit a machine movement when it was required that the machine should keep running at a constant speed but not perform a working movement.

3 Modern trends The modem trend is to use toothed power belts and pulleys, if possible, instead of gears and chains, then oilbaths and their problems are eliminated and hygiene is enhanced. The modem machine uses sealed-for-life roller or ball journals wherever feasible. These proprietary units are filled with grease at manufacture and incorporate rubber and metal sealing lips to contain the grease in the bearing and to prevent contamination getting in. This type of bearing is replaced when it fails or, better, is replaced after a set number of hours running before it fails, through a preventative maintenance programme.

4 The cam timing chart The first thing to be drawn when a cam operated wrapping machine was to be designed or altered was the timing chart. This was a large sheet of cartridge paper, or in later years plastic drawing film, divided vertically into half-inch intervals. Each interval represented 5° of camshaft rotation and the chart was marked from o to 360°. Horizontally, a line was drawn across the sheet to represent the position of the cam runner at the smallest cam radius. Above that, at a distance equal to the maximum movement of the cam runner, another line was drawn across the sheet.

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