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Saigon's Political Prisoners and the Accelerating Bloodbath It is an important fact that a key stumbling block in the signing of the Peace Agreement was the disposition of civilian prisoners. Virtually the only "progress" achieved by Kissinger between October 1972 and the January 1973 settlement date was that the "question of the return of Vietnamese civilian personnel captured and detained in South Vietnam" was left unresolved in the final Agreement, whereas the October plan suggested, albeit vaguely, that they were to be released on a firm time schedule.

Shortly after the Tet offensive itself, Police Chief Doan Cong Lap, of Hue, estimated the number of NLF-DRV killings at about 200, [203] and the mass grave of local officials and prominent citizens allegedly found by the Mayor of Hue contained 300 bodies. ) But in the fall of 1969 a "captured document" was discovered that mysteriously had been mislaid in the official files for 19 months, in which the enemy allegedly boasts of 2748 persons having been 'eliminated" during the Hue campaign. This document, as the Chi fabrications, served an important public relations need.

Another illustration was provided by a former prisoner in the Con Son Tiger Cages, who reported: [244] I remember one thing done by the Americans during their visiting tours. It happened to my cage. Usually we were chained in a kind of ordinary shackle made in the form of the number 8, where the legs and hands go through the two holes of the number 8. Then, one day, three Americans came and inspected the shackles, the chains ... They showed signs of disagreement with these. A couple of days later, the number 8 cuffs were replaced with another kind of fetters.

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