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By James Axler

ISBN-10: 0373625235

ISBN-13: 9780373625239

A mysterious message concerning the long-lost dealer takes Ryan Cawdor and the Armorer on a dangerous odyssey to the Pacific Northwest, whereas Krysty Wroth and the remainder of the warrior survivalists face off opposed to enemies out to smash their weakened crew.

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Some of their failures were horrific enough to make a man vomit blood, so ghastly and inhuman were what came through the temporal gateways. You could count their successes on the fingers of both hands, and even some of them were of dubious merit. Doc had been in Omaha, Nebraska, when his mind blurred and he collapsed, to awaken in a sterile laboratory in the year 1998, surrounded by a convocation of faceless scientists in masks and gowns. At that moment you could have reasonably suggested that he was twenty-eight years old.

He saw the stream of bullets tear into the shingled wall of the frame house just beyond the figure with the blaster, a figure that Ryan guessed was probably the same Noah Huston who ran the small ville. From high up in the turret he heard the repeated clicking as the machine gun ran out of ammo. It wasn't a time for hesitation. Ryan braced himself as best he could against the yawing and pitching of the wag, raised the automatic and opened fire at the man by the alley, not pausing, pouring a river of lead, his index finger working at the trigger, until the mag was empty.

B. pushed the wag up through the gears, accelerating away. Ryan looked down at the dying man as they thundered by the alley, blinking at the brightness of the setting sun. " Ryan was staring back at Huston Wells. It looked as if the rocket had been a flamer, packed with hi-ex and napalm, as half the ville seemed to be burning. There were two diminutive figures, way behind. ," he said. " Both men started to laugh. Chapter Six They covered another eighteen miles north of Huston Wells, through the gathering gloom, before Ryan decided it was safe to call a halt and camp for the night.

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