Deathlands 65 Hellbenders by James Axler PDF

By James Axler

ISBN-10: 0373625758

ISBN-13: 9780373625758

Uncooked choice in a stillborn land... via James Axler

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The Armorer straightened his wag and headed toward the gap between the rocks that formed the entrance to the arena. Ahead of him he could see the Summerfield convoy from the rear, but the front was lost in the swirl of the dust storm. Sec men were racing back to their wags, and those who were already mounted turned, blasters at the ready. He could also see sec men standing guard on the top of the supply wags, with homemade flamethrowers. They bore little resemblance to anything the Armorer had ever seen, but he recognized the danger with an unerring instinct.

Dean asked with a puzzled expression. Doc favored the youth with an indulgent look. "Ah, my dear boy, it is something that comes from a time before this. Once, when men could afford to take time out from the affairs of the world, there was a game of skill and tactics called chess. The object, as in all games, was for one of the competitors to win. " "Sorry, Doc, but I don't see what that's got to do with a stale mate…" Dean pronounced it as two separate words, and looked to the others for assistance.

Lying on the floor of the chamber with his frock coat wrapped around him and his white mane of hair obscuring his features, Doc could be mistaken—on glimpsing his weathered and lined features—for a man in his sixties. And yet he was only in his late thirties. S. Government project that had been partly responsible for the war that led to the devastation of skydark, and that had bequeathed the redoubts and the mat-trans units to those who came after. Doc had been born in the late 1860s in a rural part of Vermont, and was a doctor both of science and of philosophy.

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Deathlands 65 Hellbenders by James Axler

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