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By Ralph F Berdie, Albert B Hood

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ISBN-13: 9780816661510

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28. T F I have difficulty in starting a conversation with a person who has just been introduced. 46. T F Most of my close friends are planning to go to college. 47. Would you say that your high school grades are a fairly accurate reflection of your ability? 29. T F I find it hard to Iceep my mind on a task or job. L Yes 2 No 30. T F I enjoy speaking before groups of people. 31. T F I know who is responsible for most of my troubles. 48. Do you think that most of the important things that happen to people are: (Check one) 32.

College attendance was related to sex, economic status, region in which the student lived, and size of high school (Beezer and Hjelm, 1961). A series of reports are available from Kentucky extending from 1956 through 1960. The state Department of Education reported that between 1956 and 1959 from 31 to 35 per cent of Kentucky high school graduates attended college (Beezer and Hjelm, 1961). In 1959 Youmans reported that in 480 rural low-income families about 25 per cent of the children planned to attend college, and these plans were related to ability and attitudes.

Specialty Accounting Agriculture Business and commerce Chemistry Education Engineering Mathematics Pharmacy Psychology Russian 1950 1950 10,766 12,165 58,237 8,258 62,000 41,893 5,753 4,622 7,189 28 1960 1960 10,654 6,822 57,309 57,309 7,604 93,000 35,860 13,127 3,092 8,524 195 The number of degrees given in some areas showed a significant decrease; most striking are the changes in pharmacy, agriculture, and engineering. The decline in the number of agriculture degrees is not surprising in view of the decreasing numbers of persons engaged in 43 DECISIONS FOR TOMORROW agricultural occupations, and perhaps the decrease in pharmacy degrees is related to changing professional practices.

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