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This time honoured vintage has been re-built thoroughly: after six versions the editor has determined radical revision is important. the recent variation has been constructed because of extensive session with trainees in OB/GYN as to what they need, what they wish and the way they learn.

The e-book is organised into halves masking obstetrics and gynaecology. inside of every one, the chapters are based into sections containing pedagogic good points resembling packing containers, highlights and key issues for the 1st time. It comprises every thing the clinician must perform the artwork of obstetrics and gynaecology and adequate details to aid sub-specialists enhance their particular pursuits. this article is suggested examining for the Royal collage of Obstetrics and Gynaecology club examination.

This 7th variation includes 21 new chapters:

  • Anatomy of the Pelvis and Reproductive Tract

  • Placenta and Fetal Membranes

  • Antenatal Care

  • Anaesthesia and Analgesia

  • Recurrent Miscarriage

  • Ectopic being pregnant

  • Trophoblastic illness

  • Genetics and Prenatal analysis

  • medicinal drugs and being pregnant

  • Obstetric Emergencies

  • lengthy being pregnant

  • Renal sickness

  • Termination of being pregnant

  • Imaging in Gynaecology

  • PMS

  • Assisted copy

  • Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy

  • Sexual disorder

  • mental features of being pregnant

  • household Violence and Sexual attack - now on MRCOG curriculum

  • moral Dilemmas

This 7th version has been considerably up to date with a variety of across the world popular members who're all specialists of their box, bringing this publication to the leading edge of data in obstetrics and gynaecology.

"It was once my favorite textbook whilst i used to be operating for my examinations and i'm nonetheless utilizing it. i will suggest this variation to present trainees wholeheartedly. it truly is definitely worthy buying." magazine of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Chapter 1 medical Anatomy of the Pelvis and Reproductive Tract (pages 1–9): Alan Farthing
Chapter 2 Maternal body structure (pages 10–18): Fiona Broughton?Pipkin
Chapter three The Placenta and Fetal Membranes (pages 19–27): Berthold Huppertz and John C. P. Kingdom
Chapter four basic Fetal development (pages 28–33): Jason Gardosi
Chapter five Pre?Conception Counselling (pages 34–38): Andrew McCarthy
Chapter 6 Antenatal Care (pages 39–45): Timothy G. Overton
Chapter 7 general Labour (pages 46–55): A. A. Calder
Chapter eight Fetal tracking in the course of Labour (pages 56–62): James A. Low
Chapter nine Analgesia and Anaesthesia (pages 63–68): John A. Crowhurst
Chapter 10 Puerperium and Lactation (pages 69–80): D. Keith Edmonds
Chapter eleven Neonatal take care of Obstetricians (pages 81–93): M. A. Thomson and A. D. Edwards
Chapter 12 Spontaneous Miscarriage (pages 94–99): Joanne Topping and Roy G. Farquarson
Chapter thirteen Recurrent Miscarriage (pages 100–105): Raj Rai
Chapter 14 Ectopic being pregnant (pages 106–116): Davor Jurkovic
Chapter 15 Trophoblast sickness (pages 117–124): Philip Savage and Michael Seckl
Chapter sixteen Prenatal analysis and Genetics (pages 125–131): Sailesh Kumar
Chapter 17 Fetal medication in scientific perform (pages 132–144): R. C. Wimalasundera
Chapter 18 Obstetric Emergencies (pages 145–158): Sara Paterson?Brown
Chapter 19 issues of Fetal development and overview of Fetal Well?Being (pages 159–165): G. C. S. Smith and C. C. Lees
Chapter 20 a number of being pregnant (pages 166–176): Nicholas M. Fisk
Chapter 21 Preterm Labour (pages 177–191): Phillip Bennett
Chapter 22 lengthy being pregnant (pages 192–204): Patricia Crowley
Chapter 23 Induction and Augmentation of Labour (pages 205–212): G. Justus Hofmeyr
Chapter 24 Malpresentation, Malposition, Cephalopelvic Disproportion and Obstetric tactics (pages 213–226): S. Arulkumaran
Chapter 25 Hypertensive issues (pages 227–235): Andrew Shennan
Chapter 26 center ailment in being pregnant (pages 236–245): Catherine Nelson?Piercy
Chapter 27 Diabetes and Endocrine affliction in being pregnant (pages 246–259): Anne Dornhorst and Catherine Williamson
Chapter 28 Renal affliction (pages 260–269): John Davison
Chapter 29 Haematological difficulties in being pregnant (pages 270–281): P. Clark, A. J. Thomson and that i. A. Greer
Chapter 30 Miscellaneous scientific issues (pages 282–288): Andrew McCarthy
Chapter 31 Obstetric data (pages 289–298): Jim G. Thornton
Chapter 32 birth control (pages 299–317): Anna Glasier
Chapter 33 Termination of being pregnant (pages 318–326): Gillian Flett and Allan Templeton
Chapter 34 general and irregular improvement of the Genital Tract (pages 327–347): D. Keith Edmonds
Chapter 35 The Menstrual Cycle (pages 348–355): William L. Ledger
Chapter 36 The function of Ultrasound in Gynaecology (pages 356–363): Joanne Topping
Chapter 37 Gynaecological issues of early life and formative years (pages 364–368): D. Keith Edmonds
Chapter 38 basic Amenorrhoea (pages 369–376): D. Keith Edmonds
Chapter 39 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Secondary Amenorrhoea (pages 377–398): Adam H. Balen
Chapter forty Menstrual difficulties: Menorrhagia and first Dysmenorrhagia (pages 399–407): Margaret C. P. Rees
Chapter forty-one Premenstrual Syndrome (pages 408–413): P.M.S. O'Brien
Chapter forty two Pelvic an infection (pages 414–422): Jonathan D. C. Ross and Peter Stewart
Chapter forty three continual Pelvic soreness (pages 423–429): R. William Stones
Chapter forty four Endometriosis (pages 430–439): Stephen Kennedy and Philippe Koninckx
Chapter forty five Infertility (pages 440–460): Siladitya Bhattacharya
Chapter forty six Assisted replica (pages 461–478): Geoffrey Trew
Chapter forty seven Menopause and the Postmenopausal girl (pages 479–495): Nick Panay
Chapter forty eight Pelvic flooring disorder I: Uterovaginal Prolapse (pages 496–503): Anthony R. B. Smith
Chapter forty nine Urinary Incontinence (pages 504–559): D. Robinson and L. Cardozo
Chapter 50 Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy (pages 560–577): Adam Magos
Chapter fifty one Benign illness of the Vulva (pages 578–590): Richard Staughton
Chapter fifty two Malignant affliction of the Vulva and the Vagina (pages 591–605): David M. Luesley
Chapter fifty three Benign ailments of the Vagina, Cervix and Ovary (pages 606–613): D. Keith Edmonds
Chapter fifty four Premalignant and Malignant illness of the Cervix (pages 614–624): Mahmood I. Sha
Chapter fifty five Epithelial Ovarian melanoma (pages 625–635): Hani Gabra
Chapter fifty six Benign affliction of the Uterus (pages 636–644): Mary Ann Lumsden
Chapter fifty seven melanoma of the Uterine Corpus (pages 645–650): Henry C. Kitchener
Chapter fifty eight Sexual disorder (pages 651–657): Fran Reader
Chapter fifty nine moral Dilemmas in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (pages 658–683): Gordon M. Stirrat
Chapter 60 The legislation and the Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (pages 684–691): Bertie Leigh
Chapter sixty one household Violence and Sexual attack (pages 692–698): Maureen Dalton

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Adapted from drawings of Peter Kaufmann, Aachen, Germany. 11. De Wolf F, De Wolf-Peeters C & Brosens I (1973) Ultrastructure of the spiral arteries in the human placental bed at the end of normal pregnancy. Am J Obstet Gynecol 117, 833–48. 12. Pijnenborg R, Bland JM, Robertson WB & Brosens I (1983) Uteroplacental arterial changes related to interstitial trophoblast migration in early human pregnancy. Placenta 4, 397–413. 13. Jauniaux E, Watson AL, Hempstock J, Bao YP, Skepper JN & Burton GJ (2000) Onset of maternal arterial bloodflow and placental oxidative stress; a possible factor in human early pregnancy failure.

Am J Obstet Gynecol 148, 1105–10. 10. Gardosi JO (2005) Prematurity and fetal growth restriction. Early Hum Devt 81, 43–9. 11. Gardosi J (2002) Ultrasound biometry and fetal growth restriction. Fetal Matern Med Rev 13, 249–59. 12. Gallivan S, Robson SC, Chang TC, Vaughan J & Spencer JAD (1993) An investigation of fetal growth using serial ultrasound data. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 3, 109–14. 13. Marsal K, Persson P-H, Larsen T et al. (1996) Intrauterine growth curves based on ultrasonically estimated foetal weights.

Age Questions often arise as to the advisability of pregnancy at certain ages. Advanced maternal age is associated with increased risks of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, incidental medical problems, aneuploidy and miscarriage. While this may sound overwhelming, and translates into increased maternal mortality [1], the vast majority of mothers in their forties will deliver satisfactorily and should not be deterred from conceiving unless there are specific issues for concern. Often concern about aneuploidy and miscarriage has a greater influence than maternal disease.

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