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By James Axler

ISBN-10: 0373638280

ISBN-13: 9780373638284

Kane is a part of the riding computer to come back strength to the genuine inheritors of the Earth. California is the hole salvo in a single baron's savage quest for immortality. but their sanctity is grimly doubtful as an unseen strength arrives for a last war of words with those that search to rule, or reclaim, planet Earth.

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Too not-Earth. I can’t just let myself be wired into the ship. I can’t let them cut me open and implant something not-Earth into me, beneath my skin, wiggling into my brain. I can’t do that. Doc reaches into his pocket and pulls something out in a fluid motion that seems contrary to his usually stiff persona. He holds the thing out to me. ” I force myself to look at the thing in his hand. It’s essentially a tiny button, not any bigger than a dime, with three wires coming from each side. In a regular wi-com, the button’s hidden underneath the skin behind your left ear and the wires burrow into your flesh.

But, I suppose, this is just another mark of how disturbed—by which I mean downright psycho—Orion was. I wouldn’t be surprised if Doc saw the message and gave the wi-com to me regardless—words printed on a wire don’t actually change whether or not the stupid thing works. Doc cares more about practicality than whatever leftover bits of Orion’s insanity are braided up into the thing. Beyond that, the phrase is apt. If there’s one thing I don’t have any more of, it’s hope. It’s almost like Orion left that message just for me.

DO NOT ACCEPT THE OPPRESSION OF THE ELDEST SYSTEM THERE IS NO LEADER LEAD YOURSELF “Someone has hacked into the floppy network,” Marae growls. Her fierce eyes meet mine. ” My voice lacks her passion. These words flashing across the screen say I am nothing, and for the first time since Eldest died, I think they may be right. Marae slides the floppy from my fingers and tries to swipe the screen clear. The last two words—LEAD YOURSELF—grow larger, filling the whole screen. Marae slides her fingers across the screen again.

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